if you could shape your own future. good would be the word on your flag. the flag of you. your good. now we can finally understand the meaning of optimism is the talent to shape your own future. to raise the flag of yours. but more then this. better sense is coming out of the negative. it can make you want to want. because the incapacity to shape your good is your bad. your imperfection. your pessimism.


2 Responses to “herald”

  1. paths of gold. ador nunatele astea. am si eu vreo doua unde am prins lumina asta, ia sa le public…

  2. Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon
    Though down this road weve been so many time

    The grass was greener
    The light was brighter
    The taste was sweeter
    The nights of wonder
    With friends surrounded
    The dawn mist glowing
    The water flowing
    The endless river

    Forever and ever

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