and i went out with that happy song i wrote about me. all new about all is in tune with me. and the same song of all happy people in tune with all. i am new to all i tell that new song. to me the people can turn happy. to all i am the laughter. again_6072574

4 Responses to “&again”

  1. hehe, vezi la ce sunt bune traffic jam-urile?! you can spot happiness in the street :D!

  2. dan gherman Says:

    all is in tune šŸ™‚ another stupid little miracle šŸ™‚

  3. fiicabucurestiului Says:

    but you are in the wrong place in this picture.

  4. dan gherman Says:

    this would have been the wrong story if i was in the wrong place. on the other hand, trouth is that something is wrong in everything. but only to give us the chance to make it right.

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