fight the evil

rise above

get together

save a soul


find the treasure

find a way

2 Responses to “7 STORIES”

  1. Im curious if you ever have problems with what people post? Honestly the internet used to be like a different place, except that recently it seems to have become better. What are your thoughts?

    • dan gherman Says:

      Well, I’m not sure this is not a spam… But even if it’s a spam, it’s a good one, so I bite your question.
      In my opinion, the internet is the Pandora’s Box. And I’ll explain that. As we all know, people always had the tendency to look for fun and for shock. Nothing wrong in this except the fact that fun and shock are addictive. And again, as we all know, addictions are capturing all the focus. When your focus is nowhere else, you become superficial, you become a spectator, you become lazy thinker. And maybe this is still not wrong, as long as all of these are isolated in your home or in your peer group. But when all of these “qualities” of yours are in the open space that the internet (especially facebook) represents, and meet the same “qualities” of the entire wold, we are starting to deal with a new system of values. And I should call this The Superficiality Of The Masses. This will be the new religion. Of course you may say that one could find truly valuable things on internet, based on his/her own integrity and useful for owns’s project (if there is any project). But unfortunately, this would be only the little bird called “Hope”. Because one will have to deal with a massive rain of crap. Generated by a massive tide of stupid people at large. The internet is opening an era of the masses. An era when the religion and the stories of humanity and the great thoughts and the great deeds and the real heroes are no longer benchmarks. Because masses find it cool to mock these things (the news feed on your facebook page stands for what I say). Internet is nothing but cool, superficial, fast, undigested, false-togetherness, self-promotional… you name it. But let me focus on the “Hope”. It is my belief that the internet can also be a powerful weapon for the few. Because it is how the few can reach the masses. But it will take real strong spirit, real purpose, real focus and real togetherness.

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